Koopmans Concrete

About Koopmans Concrete

Koopmans Concrete was founded in 1979 by Ron and Connie Koopmans. Koopmans Concrete has been known for 37 years for doing concrete work the right way. Ron has always had a hands-on approach, assuring customers are getting the best quality workmanship. Connie, bookkeeper for Koopmans Concrete since the beginning, continues to keep everything in order behind the scenes. In 2006, Ron and Connie’s son, Ross, joined the Koopmans Concrete crew full-time, after growing up working summers for his parents in the business. Starting as one of the guys on the crew, Ross slowly worked his way up to managing jobsites. He also added colored and stamped concrete to the services available from Koopmans Concrete. The use of the latest tools and equipment are essential to the company’s ability to provide quality and additional value to all projects. Koopmans Concrete uses the latest technology including Laser Grading to maintain the high quality of work on larger projects, and Total Station for project layout.



Staff Bios

Ron Koopmans, founder of Koopmans concrete formed the company in 1979 after marrying his wife Connie. For 37 years Koopmans concrete has navigated the ups and downs of the local economy with a keen eye to the future. Ron’s foundation for the concrete business has always been to do it the right way, the best way, and with quality being the ultimate measure. With a hands on approach customers see him on every job site.

Ross Koopmans joined Koopmans Concrete full-time in 2006. Although, he has had his hands in a few concrete pads, growing up working for the team every summer. Starting out working as one of the guys on the crew he has slowly worked his way up to managing job sites. Ross has never been afraid to look at the next new thing coming down the trends in concrete, which is where he opened the door to colored and stamped concrete for Koopmans. Ross has begun implementing new technology and offerings leading the industry in laser grading and using a total station layout system to lay projects out.

Connie Koopmans, has been with the Koopmans Concrete family since the inception in 1979. Covering all things financial, she may not be on every job but she is known as the backbone of the Koopmans Concrete family.